Big Stef, Inc. raises approximately $50,000 per year through donations received from members and
friends who support the organization and by having various fundraisers in the Northern Kentucky area.

What des Big Stef, Inc. do with the money?
There are no paid members! All work is provided by volunteers. All money raised goes to the charity work of the organization which includes:

Christmas in July at eight senior/nursing homes (Cost $2,500)
Residents are treated to a picnic cookout.
We play 10 games of BINGO with cash prizes.
Finish the visit with door prizes and an old fashioned sing along.

Christmas Parties at the same eight senior/nursing homes (Cost: $2,000)
We bring back out the cake and ice cream as well as the BINGO.
We then sing Christmas Carols.

School Supply Picnic (Cost: $4,000)
Proved 350 needy school children with school supplies at the start of the school year.
Hot dogs, chips and soft drinks served to the children and families.

Christmas Food Baskets (Cost: $32,000)
Proved 400 needy families in Campbell and Kenton Counties with food baskets.
Baskets include two shopping bags of groceries and a box containing perishables.
Most names provided by churches, schools and family resource centers.

Miscellaneous Donations (Cost: $4,000)
$200 donations made to needy families and individuals as they are brought to our attention.
Approximately 20-25 made each year.

If not for your generous support of our fundraising events, your kind donations and membership fees, we would not be able to continue our charitable efforts.

Thank you for your support!


The Big Stef Board Members


Vice President:



Bob Steffen

Ed Allmoslecher

Brent Cable

Megan Steffen



Edward Clark

Bob Feinhauer

Mike Groeschen

Tony Rapp

Matt Steffen

Danny Trauth

Marissa Tucker

All proceeds benefit Big Stef, Inc. - See what events we have coming up (click here).